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In Bumblebees Myllypuro, we have three small groups; Busy Bees (Preschool), Honey Pots (4-5 years) and Sunflowers (2-3 years). Each of our groups is lead by native English speaking teachers, with years of experience working with young children learning English. We are proud of our multicultural community and welcome children and families from all over the world. In Bumblebees Myllypuro, each child has the opportunity to be their own individual, and we want each and every child to reach their full potential. Through our play-based pedagogy, children have the opportunity to learn social and emotional skills, creativity, language skills, critical thinking and problem solving, academic skills and many others. Activities are planned based on the children’s interests and own initiatives, so they also have the opportunity to participate in their own learning. Come and join our community!

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